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Flexible Impact Protection – Why?

Everything you need to know about Flexible Impact Protection

Flexible Impact Protection – Why?

You’re traditionally using impact protection made of steel?  You’re annoyed about impact protection that is crooked and deformed? You have to replace your impact protection regularly because of collision damage? The screws of your impact protection tear our of the floor and causes expensive repairs and downtime? Rust and defective surface coating enables the entry of unwanted particles in your storage and production? You often have external visitors in your facilities and damaged impact protection is an optical blemish? Steel impact protection causes ugly scratches on your expensive forklifts and pallet trucks? Your steel impact protection is hardly modular and has to be planned and produced individually in many cases? 

With our d-flexx Flexible Impact protection all these problems are now things of the past! 

Significant savings potential

Save money with d-flexx. No replacement costs due to collision damage, no damage to the floor due to tearing, no repairs, no downtime.

Formable Polymer material

Our flexible impact protection d-flexx consists of a special polymer material. This material is deformable and absorbs the significant energy that is released in case of an impact. After a collision the the protection is instantly reestablished!

High Energy Absorption

The products of the d-flexx range absorbs the impact forces due to its flexible polymer material. Hardly any energy is directed via the floor screwing. Due to this fact, flexible impact protection doesn’t break out of the ground. Cost intensive floor repairs and downtime are prevented!

No Damages on Forklifts and Pallet Trucks

No more damages and scratches on your forklifts and pallet trucks - that’s what you get with d-flexx! Due to
the deformable polymer material and the round forms, your vehicles won‘t get damaged in collisions any more
and bumps get prevented effectively.


No Rust – No Unwanted Particles

Our flexible impact protection d-flexx consists of coloured-through polymer material. The products are not coated or lacquered. This means for you: Never again problems with rusty impact protection and unwanted particles!

Chemical Resistant

In aggressive working environments, e.g. in the chemical- or food processing industry, with high demands on chemical and corrosion resistance of the installed impact protection, steel is the wrong choice. With its polymer material, d-flexx is extremely resistant and rustproof. The completely closed system prevents a contamination with unwanted particles and pests.

Highly visible – Effectively protected

Black and yellow coloured, it’s highly visible, even from a distance. Present external visitors your perfectly protected machines, internal driveways and shelves and leave a good impression of your company.

Highly Modular – Well Equipped for Every Challenge

d-flexx is modular and can be guided over any route, with the option of integrating angles and door sections, even customized lenghts!