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Protect people and material!

Forklifts and lift trucks are invaluable vehicles used in the logistical industry but the danger that comes with them is often not recognized immediately. Deadly corners and tights areas increase the risk of accidents in which safety barriers will provide an excellent protection for people and goods.

Every company needs to fulfill certain safety regulations. D-flexx GmbH will help you oblige by the laws and assists with our broad TÜV-approved product portfolio.

Our flexible barrier system will not only protect goods and machines but most importantly people!

Your Advantages with d-flexx Products

Cost efficient

d-flexx products deform and absorb the impact energy. After a collision, the environment and the vehicle are undamaged. An exchange of the products is not necessary!


Polyethylene products do not rust and are therefore much more durable than steel products.

TÜV tested

Your security is our top priority. For this reason, we have products from the d-flexx series tested by the TÜV.

Environmentally friendly

Our d-flexx products are all 100% recyclable.

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